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Blockchain, Distributed ledgers, Decentralised applications, InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), Solid, UX and interoperability

The Internet Affordability Gap

The United Nations declared internet access as a basic human right. The internet is crucial for education, continuous learning, finding work, resources, staying connected with family and reducing the digital divide. 8 Despite making up 50% of the global internet user base, internet access for most of Asia is neither affordable nor accessible.

The FUTURE Mogu Distributed Server Network (DSN)

An efficient network of participating routers, contributing resources to a decentralised cloud.

Why Mogu Routers are useful and what kind of smart solutions provide?

1) Share storage to host files , applications, virtual machines.

2) Secure and resilient against denial-of-service attacks.

3) Blockchain-agnostic, running server-side logic with scalability and reliability.

4)Functions with an immutable distributed ledger for storing data related to machine to machine transactions.

5)Storing data,sharing bandwidth, and sharing data with the ablity to interact with smart contracts.

6)Consensus algorithm to gurantee the optimum node performance,tracking router reputation and performance.

7) Flexible network design and service deployment with software updates and plug and play hardware.

8) Achieves unit-cost reduction through the use of standard hardware and software technology.

Data Science Acceleration

The Mogu Ecosystem is a call for companies to embrace a collaborative consumption culture, forging a powerful partnership between existing infrastructure, data industry insiders and consumers to encourage interactions, create economic benefit, inclusion  for all...It is combination of the distributed cloud,data infrastructure and people coming together in a marketplace.

-Some fields which cloud be used as;

-Global upstream data and stress testing.

-Blockchains node network expansion.

-Alternative cloud infrastructure for geo-targeting digital content delivery networks(CDNs).

Besides, router donations via MOGX tokens to families without internet.Data and ecosysytem infrastructure contributions will be rewarded through MOGX tokens.

Networking Infrastructure, Gateway for Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities

Networking Infrastructure, Gateway for Internet of Things(IoT) and smart cities.

Traffic from all home IoT devices passes through a router before connectiong to the internet.

Mogu Routers are trusted assets enabling connectivity and securiteis.


The Mogu Core will function based on the individual user’s one-click preferences (e.g. privacy, security software updates, bandwidth and data sharing, decentralised storage node installation, blockchain node selection) and will also manage the resource/load management for enterprise clients

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The Developing Mogu ecosystem will focus on stakeholders with an interest in the data economy and sustainability. The ecosystem is governed by aligning stakeholder needs,addressing pain points and incentivising contributions.As we agree whole, according to IBM, "a  thriving big data analitics ecosystem facilitates collaboration among core, extended, and external ecosystems."

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