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Our Vision
Mogu’s vision is internet for all - to build scalable, user-friendly and powerful commodity hardware infrastructure which will empower people. Our data and connectivity are assets in the digital, and data economy and we must be part of the infrastructure that supports advancement in the technology that enriches society as a whole

Data Stream

Global upstream data and stress testing businesses can purchase Mogu’s business services which leverages the Mogu DSN to execute tasks more efciently and more cost-efectively for their respective business clients

Block Chain

Blockchains leverage Mogu DSN to scale their node network globally

Global Networks

Networks or corporates leverage Mogu DSN as alternative cloud infrastructure for geotargeted digital content delivery capabilities


Corporates or Individuals who want to enable and empower those families without internet - donate router/ router+wif/ router+wif+rewards;

Market Opportunity

Market Size: 38% of the global internet user base. It has 751 million internet users and by 2020, will have an estimated 895 million internet users. which is equivalent to the entire population of Europe  and will be the world’s largest digital market and data producer (20% by 2020)

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