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MOGU project will be transferred to a decentralized community near future. The first startup will be handled by DHG Company, This will radically change the Metaverse and Internet infrastructure.



Project Activations

Active Online Router   100  Bounty Programs First Season!
Active Online Router   500  Bounty Programs Second Season!
Active Online Router  1000  Mining Start(MainNet)
Active Online Router  Over 2000 

We will do community managed plan! Lets join us!
Token Economy Will WORK WELL!


Router Price Tables

<0.01USDT ROUTER 0.1ETH (FreeBonus Token25000MOGU) (only 100Routers for sale!)       

  0.02USDT ROUTER 0.2ETH (FreeBonus Token25000MOGU)
  0.04USDT ROUTER 0.4ETH (FreeBonus Token25000MOGU)
  0.06USDT ROUTER 0.6ETH (FreeBonus Token25000MOGU)
  0.07USDT ROUTER 0.7ETH (FreeBonus Token25000MOGU)
  0.08USDT ROUTER 0.8ETH (FreeBonus Token25000MOGU)
  0.09USDT ROUTER 0.9ETH (FreeBonus Token25000MOGU)
  0.10USDT ROUTER    1ETH (FreeBonus Token25000MOGU)
>0.10USDT ROUTER   1ETH (FreeBonus Token25000MOGU)

We Ship MOGU Routers All over the world. if we cant, We will accept Charge backs!

Free Bounus will be sent to your erc20(etherium) address!

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